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We Revive Your Old Phones, Championing Environmental Sustainability

Selldevice was started by us, Ubada and Usama Hafez. We are primarily motivated by the desire for environmental preservation, which energizes us to extend the life of devices in order to keep them from being discarded into a landfill. We also wanted to create a safe and reliable platform to resell electronics that was environmentally conscious. Environmental conservation preserves the earth’s resources, and protects the ecosystems that allow us to live on this planet. Therefore, we made it so our entire business operates on pre-owned technology in hopes of lessening the carbon footprint which is currently created by manufactured technology.

Our mission is to build a sustainable solution to expand the lifespan of old devices and facilitate the reuse of e-waste through reselling affordable gadgets.

If we can recycle and reuse our old belongings as much as possible, we can help protect the earth. Using this mindset, we’ve ended up running an environment conservation support system where you can safely and conveniently trade your old devices for the best market value and at the same time, protect the ecosystem from collapsing.



One Tree Plant For Every Trade-in.

We are inspired to plant trees in order to reduce the release of carbon in collaboration with the Onetreeplanted organization. The organization is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. Onetreeplanted was able to plant 4,010,962 trees in 2019 alone, with many more to be planted in the coming years.We are very excited to be making  a direct impact on the environment everytime someone uses our services.

For every trade-in that a customer does, we plant one tree. So, not only are you able to resell your old device, but you also know you are making a direct impact on  the environment in your own way.

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