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Donated devices will contribute to the children of Living Heart Peru, to help them continue their learning and education, using technology they do not currently have access to.

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About Living Heart

Education Is Their Future

Education, and learning are taken for granted in most first world nations.  It is a given that children will go to school.  But in many parts of the world, education is a luxury.  And our goal is to ensure that children in the most impoverished parts of the world have access to books, and higher education.  Without which they are bound to a cycle of poverty.  The ability to read is an important human need.  And it is one that will elevate communities by the people who inhabit them and who will eventually run them.  The children.


Living Heart began as a passion project of Beatrice Pitocco, who traveled to Peru for the first time in 2017.  Seeking refuge from first world problems, Beatrice sought out communities that were desperately needing help, and decided to do just that.  Upon returning to Canada, the goal was to develop a Canadian based non-profit.  Because of the Covid19 pandemic, that decision stalled, and for good reason.  Although the desire and enthusiasm was there to help, the vision of this new found non-profit was not clear.  The delay was a true blessing because since then, we have focused our goal on helping to build lending libraries in communities that need them.  Our first project is in Peru, with our goal of building a lending library by October 2021.

Charity Business/Registration number: – 789982675 RR 0001



Libraries are taken for granted in North America.However in some communities, there are children and people who desperately want access to information, books, education and learning.It is our core belief that education, particularly for children, will be the cornerstone of change in our world.That is why Living Heart is dedicating itself to building community libraries for communities who need them.

250 Million School Children Throughout The World Cannot Read.

Why do so many children not know how to read?  Literacy is a fundamental right, and higher literacy is associated with healthier populations, less crime, greater economic growth, and higher employment rates.  Books and learning tools are desperately needed.  Because literacy and libraries build understanding, knowledge and community.  So our goal is to build libraries for marginalized communities, that are displaced and that are in desperate need of education for their children, who will one day build their community.

Identified Goals:

  1. Develop a Lending Library.  Education is paramount to the children and by providing them with learning tools such as books, our goal is to offer an opportunity for greater learning.

  2. Support the communities with health care visits.  Working with Canadian Dental and Medical professionals to travel to Peru and support the health and well being of these communities.

  3. Provide educational technology to the children for greater learning.  Working with our partner to identify the value of used mobile phones, tablets and laptops, we are requesting charitable 

Peru Project One


Peru is a beautiful country.  But there are many communities that are marginalized due to their location and/or social status.  Our first project will be to work with our namesake Living Heart Peru, to provide a lending library to the children living in communities that are high above the sacred valley.  These children have little access to proper education, nutrition, and medical support.

Donate Your Old Device  



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Country: Canada


Have A Question?

Why should I donate my device to Living Heart?

Your old electronics will then be loaded with educational games, packed and shipped to the children of Living Heart Peru, to help them continue their learning and their education, using technology they do not currently have access to.

What models of smartphones can be donated?

We accept almost any kind of modern smartphone that have access to the internet in any condition as long as it’s not reported stolen or has any activation lock like iCloud. Older phones may have little or no value and may not help in our need.¬†

For Apple products: Any less than 6 years old model e.g., iPhone 6 or newer

For Samsung products: Any less than 4 years old model e.g., Samsung S6 or newer

For other products: Any less than 4 years old model e.g., Google Pixel 2 or newer

Can I make a cash donation?

Yes and we your support is highly appreciated. Please click here to go to the donation page on Livingheart website.

When will I receive my Tax Receipt?

Once your device is received and inspected, Livingheart will send out your tax receipt. It will take approximately 7 business days to process your order. 

Will I pay any shipping charges for sending in my old device?

No, you don’t have to pay anything. Selldevice will be donating all shipping charges. 

Do I need to send my device with its accessories?

You don‚Äôt have to send your device with all its accessories but¬† we highly appreciate it if you do send your device with it’s accessories.

How do I get the prepaid label?

An e-mail containing  shipping instruction will be sent to you within 24 hours of sending your donation request. 

Accordion Panel

Find my iPhone is a security feature that was embedded in an iPhone to protect customers’ information in case your device gets lost. It is a useful tool that allows you to locate your iPhone or lock your device in the event of theft. Find my iPhone is linked to your Apple ID account; hence no one can access your account without your Apple ID and password. If you have your phone with you already, then disabling the Find my iPhone feature won’t be an issue. All you got to do is:

On your iPhone, visit the settings app and click on your Apple ID account to open it.
Browse to iCloud, where you will see the Find my iPhone and just toggle off the Find my iPhone
You would have to log-in your iCloud account now and tap on the ‚Äúturn off‚ÄĚ button again to authenticate your action.
A user can quickly turn off Find my iPhone even if the iPhone goes off entirely by signing in at¬†¬†click ‚Äúdevices‚ÄĚ at the top. Browse specifically the device you want to send to us and then click ‚ÄúX‚ÄĚ to take it off your iCloud account. However, you can log into your Apple ID anytime from any device to access personal information on your iPhone.

How is the value of the Tax Receipt be calculated?

Selldevice, a partner of LivingHeart, a leading online trade-in service in Canada will inspect and evaluate the device based on the condition and the current market value.

What does Selldevice contribute?

Selldevice,  a leading online trade-in service in Canada partnered with LivingHeart to help raise fund and collect as many phones as possible for the Children of Livingheart in Puru.  Selldevice provides the logistic and operation for the process of procurement of devices to the inspection and evaluation of devices. For broken and poor devices, Selldevie will trade them into fully working devices.

What is the value of my device?

Once your device is received and inspected, it will be evaluated and  Livingheart will send out your final tax receipt based on the market value of the device. You can also click here to see the estimated value file

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